4 Fort Washington MD Restaurants You Might Want To Visit

4 Fort Washington MD Restaurants You Might Want To Visit

Make your way down Livingston Road in Fort Washington MD, and you’re going to find some good restaurants. Yet you might not recognize all of them at first glance. In a previous article, I reviewed one that is in a converted home, and another one is said to look just like a little corner store. You don’t want to miss out, and you want to hit up the right places. Here are four restaurants that might fit your fancy as you travel around Fort Washington MD.

If you like Thai cuisine, then you might enjoy a visit to Bangkok Golden. This wonderful restaurant is ranked #2 in the area, and it’s right on Livingston Road. This dining establishment is a local gem, and you can expect to find reasonable prices, too. In the reviews, people talk about how you don’t have to pay the prices at this place like you might expect to have to pay at a similar restaurant in National Harbor.

Then there is Top China if you are looking for Chinese cuisine. This restaurant is located at 10733 Indian Head Highway. You can expect affordable prices for carryout, and the food is said to be quite delicious. I don’t know about you, but I’m always in the mood for some delicious Chinese food. The spicy green beans are one of the specialties mentioned by one of the people who left a review of the restaurant.

I have been to many Chinese restaurants, and I’ve never ordered spicy green beans. That sounds very interesting. The next featured establishment is a pizza place called Pizza Boli’s. It is another one of the restaurants on Livingston Road. What’s interesting about this place is that people say the pizza is healthy. That’s a unique take on pizza, and to add, there are no pork toppings like pepperoni and sausage.

The Game Room & Grill Sports Bar sounds like a fun place to visit, doesn’t it? It’s located at 731 Cady Drive, and the restaurant features a happy hour. As you might imagine, people say you can expect a nice atmosphere there. Not only can you eat good food, drink some drinks and catch a game, but people say that the place features great music, too.

When searching Fort Washington MD for some great restaurants, you are going to find some gems. It was mentioned that Livingston Road is a great place to start. Two of these restaurants are on that road. I hope you have a great meal dining out in Fort Washington.